Infinite Developer Log || Dev Changelog

Infinite Changelog

This post is mainly for my game Infinite which is currently in Alpha Developement. Feedback is appreciated as long as you keep in mind that the game is FAR from finished.


In terms of versions, I will be numbering them using semantic versioning (major.minor.patch)

Full Release Date

Infinite is developed by one person, myself, so I can’t guarantee when a release is going to come out.

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  • Added placeholder GUI
  • Added Placeholder menu song
  • Added placeholder scene.
  • Added Helios place (what could this be?)
  • Added Teleport to Helios.
  • Added Credits
  • Added Backend
  • [BugFix] Fixed a bug where the camera won’t switch

TL:DR: Fixed a bug, Added a bunch of placeholder stuff to test the code


  • compacted a few parts of the code
  • Started UI remake.
  • Removed 90% of the scene and changed the skybox.
  • Started work on [Data Not Found]
  • Removed the pesky villain called the player character.
  • [BugFix] Fixed the spaceship not showing in the menu scene.
  • [BugFix] Fixed a bug where the music would loop at random times.


  • Genesis Badge is here!
  • Intro place InDev


  • Removed Helios place
  • Added Intro and Game [locked] places
  • Started on Intro cutscene

0.2.0 - The Alpha Update

  • Genesis Testing is over.
  • Alpha development Stage 2.


  • [BugFix] Fixed the camera not showing anything