Instant death tool

local player = game:GetService("Players"):GetPlayerFromCharacter(tool.Parent)
local character = player.Character
local humanoid = character:WaitForChild("Humanoid")

tell me if there is anything wrong please

Did it have any errors in output, if it didn’t then it might be a problem with the game. Is there a gui or script overriding the mousebutton1 event?

Doesn’t the character’s humanoid take damage by any of the tries mentioned earlier?!

only other script i have is a minimap gui, ill turn off the script and see if that’ll fix it

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remade the script somewhat, this worked for me

local tool = script.Parent
local Character

local function Equipped()
	Character = script.Parent.Parent

local function Unequipped()
	Character = nil

local function instantkill()
	if Character then


basically just changed it so whenever it gets equipped it sets the character variable to whoever has it currently equipped

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unfortunately no it does not :frowning:

i’ll try to see if that works :slight_smile:

it does not :frowning:

im starting to believe something is wrong with my studios

are you sure? it worked for me.
Make sure its in a serverscript and you are not in FF for it to work
and also the script is parented under the tool, not the handle

It seems that the script is fine (the one you provided), in the tool are you using a part, there is a feature called RequireHandle, that may be it, please check if I am correct.

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actually you dont need to get the player to get the character as you already have their character.

meaning script.Parent.Parent is their character

its a regular script and it is under the tool

you sure you have the forcefield off?
when you try to use the tool

omfg that worked, thanks bro, and everyone else :slight_smile:

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No problem, please check me as solution!

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