Instead of locking posts that are in the wrong category, move them to a more appropriate category

Sometimes, members of the DevForum (regardless of trust level) may unintentionally post in the wrong category (say a post about how to use OOP is in #resources:community-resources).

Most of the time, when posts like these are made, community moderators would lock these posts with reasoning.

What if that post about the example I gave earlier could be useful for beginners to scripting? Instead of just simply locking the post and calling it a day, community moderators should instead move the post in a more appropriate category they personally think suits best for the post.

That way, the post’s discussion moves on and doesn’t have to abruptly end.


Yes, that would be much better. Especially when you don’t have access to Discussion, ask them to put it there, and they just lock it.


I agree. It would be better like @AidanPlaysYT_Real. All they would have to do is edit the post and move it into the correct categories.


I’ve seen them move posts like that to the appropriate category in the past. Perhaps the specific post in question failed to meet the requirements for the correct category (i.e. it didn’t answer the three required questions for posting in the Scripting Support category)

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Can you link me some examples in DM? Just curious.

Members are going to use this to bypass post approval. It’s best to just leave it as a lesson.

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Yeah, i 100% agree, we need to give another chance for the forum users to post in the right category from giving just a warning and move the post to an appropriated category :+1:

Most of the time, the category is changed; the only time I’ve seen posts be locked is where the post isn’t suitable for any category on the forum.

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After looking at the examples I was sent (thanks) it looks like we currently only leave them when they are not appropriate on the category they should be in. Like support questions that don’t really follow the support format, or bug reports / feature requests in wrong categories that don’t follow the format (that would be a PA bypass).

Feel free to dm Community_Sage if you think we should move/unlist something that we haven’t and you think it does meet the guidelines of wherever it should actually be.


If posts were moved by the Editors and Sages, when will you learn to read the rules? People will still continue to make the mistake