Interactive UIs

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Does anyone have any tips for creating Interactive UIs? I’ve created a basic one with the help of the new tutorial. Thanks in advance,

Graphics Designer &
Basic UI Developer

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No need to put your text into a code block - it’s harder to read (as the text doesn’t wrap so we have to scroll), the syntax highlighting obviously isn’t working right since its contents aren’t code and we can’t click the link.

You can check out my tutorial for a (hopefully?) more in-depth look at UI design - although it seems to cover roughly the same topics as the wiki.

To make an interactive UI you will need scripting knowledge - otherwise it’d just sit there and do nothing no matter how you interact with it.

Best advice I can give you for that is

  1. Make all your UI efficient - waiting 10 seconds just to open a shop is really annoying, same deal with not knowing if I pressed a button or not
  2. Keep your UI consistent - use one EasingStyle for tweens, handle input in the same way for different buttons, have a base button size, etc.
  3. Keep it simple - it’s better for you and the player

Events like MouseButton1Click, MouseEnter, and MouseLeave are your friends. You can use these along with other TextButton events to detect almost any kind of interaction, and then write functions to react accordingly. Most of the things I linked have demonstrations on how to do so.


All right, I’ll give you an update if I make any more progress. @ChipioIndustries


For learning style, I suggest you to a game that you think has a good UI and replicate it. You will learn a lot about how everything works in the process.

Edit: Avoid @Quenty’s UI’s… he’s on a different plane of existence.


Quenty’s UIs are too godly for us mortals to grasp.

(Really though, I do think they’re a great way to learn about Material Design Hybrids)


Learn 9-Slicing and Sprite sheets if you want to have top tier UI animations.

I suggest you to play some games with Interactive UI, or Dialog. Because that’s how you get the ideas and designs of it.
My design is a bit different from others. ( Just select any difficulty, and after fading, you’ll see the UI )

Maybe I’ll be better than him one day. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: @Arificiality

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I’d also take a look at Google’s Material Design tips.

Even if you’re not going for a material-style look, it still holds some great tips for designing interfaces. :smiley: