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About me

Salutations, I’m InTheTrees, a GFX designer with around 2yrs of experience. I specialise in profile pictures and semi-realistic GFX.


My Personal Favourite GFXs

Non-Roblox Renders

Every new work I create will be posted on my Artstation, which can be found on my DevForum profile.


I am generally available for 4-6 hours of work per day on the weekends. On weekdays, I am generally available for 2-3 hours per day. You can contact me any time, but I am sometimes unable to work during the week due to school. If you contact me, I will attempt to reply ASAP. I check my DevForum messages once or twice per day.


Prices are negotiable, I accept either Robux or percentages (depending on the percentage offer). My preferred payment method is a down-payment in Robux. All prices may be higher or lower as prices depend heavily on the difficulty of the order.


PFP- 500-1000 Robux
Thumbnail- 1000-2000
Game Icon- 800-1500
Anything Else- Depends on the order, but follows the general idea of the past few categories

Work Preferences & TOS

Work Preferences

These are my preferences and guidelines on how to help me do my best work for you. These are not always necessary.

  • Be detailed and specific in your request
  • Provide avatars
  • Provide any unique assets (eg. modelled clothing) (I’m not very good at modelling)
Terms Of Service

*I will not do NSFW
*I have the right to decline an order
*If you have cancelled after I have started working on your order, I won’t provide a refund.


DM me here on the DevForum

Thanks for reading!

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