Introducing Aerodynamic Forces [Beta]

I’m going to do a quick test to be sure its not something i did on my end then get back to you.
Edit: yeah the results where quite clear lol, ill dm you.

Wow this is incredible. But as an aerospace engineer this intrigues me on how the forces are actually calculated? What principals does the engine use? Lifting line theory or NASA’s method?

Usually each aerofoil would need to have some kind of coefficient of lift and drag which makes me wonder how it’s calculated and how comprehensive it could be…

In general aero theory you need several RPMs of propeller speed to gain speed better… angling of propeller blades should help but extreme angles of attack on wings are not recommended during take off as this brings up your stall speed rather than lowering it. Considering how different robloxs units are, consider adjusting the wing area or lowering the mass but it’s hard to say how to improve your design without any visuals

after testing different airfoil shapes using the setup widgex provided, it does seem that proper optimised airfoil generates more lift rather then a meshpart block of the same size, interesting and very cool, curious as to how its all calculated.

AerodynamicsTest.rbxm (13.7 KB)


When you mention moving control surfaces via Motor6D, did you figure out if this was a problem? I am using the same aircraft model from the downloadable experience on this post, but with my system is uses Motor6Ds and joint parts instead of what the test experience has (servo hinges).

I’m trying to re-create the aircraft on my system, but i’m getting zero response from control surface movement.

Motor6Ds are incompatible with the aero model.
You must use simulated constraints for control surfaces.


OMG this is awesome! Thanks for sharing this! It somehow feels even more significant that it was the first ever airplane to fly IRL and now it is flying virtually in Roblox :slight_smile: Nice work!


Someone Did A Plane Simulator With This ? , Im Waiting :slight_smile:

Making planets is a whole other deal.

I’m already into it! But i dont know if i should make one with premade models or a modular one where you have to build it yourself

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depends on what type of game you want, a game like project flight? then use premade one.
a game like crazy plane? then the modular one. it’s really up to you.

So games like plane crazy wont have to do aerodynamic calculations on scripts, very cool feature

Currently, I’m making a hurricane-force wind simulator using this feature. This will definitely be exciting!


Racing games will finally have a touch more realism, So excited to see what people do!

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I think its going to be premade.
Here is my first experimental F16 jet using aerodynamic feature and I really like this feature:

How long will it take to let this be a Feature on the live servers?


One of the best updates for Roblox Studio, I made this airplane solely using aerodynamics, built the engine using torque and parts rotated 25 degrees. I can’t wait to accomplish great things using this new system. :upside_down_face:


Finally, I’ve been waiting so long for this update!

So after testing it for some days here is my final feedback:

Overall it is really nice to have, especially because of the minimal performance it needs.
I was able to set up my own Jet meshes and let them fly!
But sometimes it seems very unbalanced. For example: My jet is creating enought lift to fly but the drag of it is unrealistically high. So would it be possible to set a Drag/Lift Ratio of every single (Mesh) Part to adjust it? I already tried playing around with air density, gravity, mass and so on, but I think that would be a nice addon to this wonderful feature coming up.


We are currently working on an improved drag/lift model.