Introducing Cafedrez!

Welcome! I cannot wait to see what you bring to Roblox!

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Welcome to the team, awesome to have you here!


Define fun lol

This text will be blurred

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Welcome @Cafedrez to the Spanish DET and also a big welcome to the Devforum. I too enjoy a game of Chess and think I am pretty good :crossed_fingers:. Also congrats on graduating.


words cannot espresso how much you bean for joining the team! :coffee:

welcome and can’t wait to see everything you accomplish with @BlossomYey, @Kapflame, and @TheHappyViking :raised_hands:


Hi Cafedrez!!! :smiley: Welcome to the team!!! Can’t wait to see your ideas manifest!! Also congrats on recently graduating from uni!!! :smiley:


Hello, @Cafedrez! Maybe you will be the one to tell Roblox collaboration needs to come back. I hope you do, because then you will be my absolute favorite DET member.

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Welcome Cafedrez! Very excited to see your contribution to the Roblox and DET communities! Cheers! :smiley:


Welcome @Cafedrez
It’ll be great seeing you on the devforum team!!!
Your contributions to this community will be crucial for the sanity of some of us during these times!

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Dang so you’re a rocket scientist?
That’s awesome. Welcome back to the forum.


Remarkable how genuine this post is compared to the other “Introducing X DET member” posts. It’s very obvious that the other people were given a template “OK say a few things about yourself, pick 3 random Roblox games to say you like, and then we’re good.”

I appreciate genuine posts like the one written here. I hope this is the direction Roblox DET goes with moving forward. Trying to force a “how do you do, fellow kids” is only off-putting, many of the new DET folks do not have backgrounds as Roblox players or developers and that’s fine, just don’t force them to act like they are.


Hello! Welcome to the forum!!

Hope to see you around :v:

Bonne chance

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Welcome to the forums Cafedrez!

It’s nice to meet you!

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As a strictly English speaker, I’m still happy to see more support for people I may not be able to directly communicate with; therefore, welcome aboard this rollercoaster!

Although I won’t likely participate in anything of your focus, I hope your reception within your respective community is smooth sailing!

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>>  IDoLua  [CantBeBothered]
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Welcome to the DET since you are a long time user I have high hopes for you and I believe you have a really strong bond with roblox

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Welcome to team!
Very nice to meet you. :slight_smile:

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I am pretty sure aerospace and aeronautical are two different things.

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Welcome to the Developer Engagement Team @Cafedrez! Sorry I was late.

I also love to play chess and watch soccer. You gotta share some songs to us on that guitar!

Hope you have a good time as a DET member!