Introducing Exact Match Search for Experiences

Finally, this feature makes searching for a game much easier.

Anyways is there plans to add onto this feature such as searching games by a creator (ex. “CreatorName”) and possibly other parts of roblox as well? (Searching for things as Groups, Avatar Shop, Creator Marketplace, etc)


It probably indexes the title and description, or just the search system being dumb as usual.


I’m glad discovery is being looked into ?

This isn’t really the kind of changes I and many other developers were really looking for. This feature, while useful for those that know about it, is pretty pointless if the general player base doesn’t know about it.

I like the idea that @Reditect proposed, where a panel shows users the ability to do this. In my mind, there would be a meatball menu (Those three dotted panels) that would appear beside the ‘in Experiences tab’ that would reveal a list of extra search options, Exact Match included.

Heck, on the topic of searching, why don’t you bring extra options such as Genres, By Description, By User or Group, Verified Only, etc. We’ve been missing genres for years and we’ve been crying for them to be added back.


Why isn’t something like this implemented into main search, I guarantee you 99% of Roblox players will have no idea this exists.

I’ve always wanted more accurate search results, and I think it makes sense that exact results should appear first in most circumstances.


Bug report:
So I thought I’d try this out on some of my test places

The experiences name is “ManyNpcs”

Its published, it’s had a few visitors, it’s been live for months now.

And when I search for it I get nothing…

Why doesn’t this work?


Cool feature.

As some people stated before: there seem to be some false positives still, though I’m not sure. They might be “sponsored” games.

Looking forward to the discovery improvements!
But please keep this in mind when updating: Roblox’s Algorithm Changes Are Killing Our Game


could have added this earlier you know? implement this in the catalog as well.


I like this update it’s great. But I wish we can search with game genres, age rating, etc that would be great and I wish thumbnails that copy other games would be replaced with a default Roblox thumbnail, Not only is this stealing but it makes the search results ugly because you see row after row of the same thumbnail. Please take these into consideration
Screenshot 2023-06-16 012739
– Not sure who made this but someone is copying someone. Don’t wanna hate just saying


This is such a w update now when im searching for a specific game i dont have to go through a bunch of work.


This is awesome! I have a small game with 5 likes and since someone disliked it, now it wont show on the search, even if you write the exact same title


Thank you I can finally find again the good games I made from my banned account.


Roblox after breaking the algorithm:
Fix our impressions count in discovery, search, friends and ads❌
Create a workaround that no one will use to stop ppl from complaining :white_check_mark:


i too have issues with star wars.

was fine a few months ago, i was one of the top results for names very similar to my game name,
but now, just because of the word stars, the results are flooded with star wars and my game does not appear unless i replace stars with bagpipes because yes


This is a step in the right direction for discovery, but why only experiences? Places like the catalog and library desperately need a feature like this.

And since we’re on the topic of searching, are there any plans to implement boolean operators (ie. AND, OR, and NOT, and + or -) into the search engine as well?


Thank you for working on the search. This is definitely an improvement that will help discovery. I think the biggest issue with search is searches that include two or more words. The quotes do help if the keywords are next to each other in the game’s title, but what about games that have words in between the keywords, even ancillary words like a or the?

I don’t know what Roblox search logs look like. It could be most kids just search on one word, but if they are searching for two words, there are probably lots of games that are still missing from the results – with or without quotes. At two words is where search really breaks down. It appears only one word is relevant to the search.

I hope you keep working on the search.


finally after many years i could visit a really old game i was searching for thanks roblox really good update


I feel my soul leave my body every time Roblox adds an obscure feature to the discovery page and announces it to a location that most Roblox players don’t frequent instead of doing deeper R&D to how discovery feels like walking on a bunch of spilled LEGOs. The only reason I can hold on right now is because improved discovery, including developer-curated sorting, is on the roadmap.

These kinds of things need a more visible location than the Developer Forum and need to be applied on a wider scale so they more directly benefit the developer community and deincentivise abusing text displays to appear on searches not relevant to the user. In fact, honestly, it shouldn’t even be double quotes, it should be a clearly visible “search modifier” button.

Let alone younger audiences that likely don’t look at the forum to pick up on this but use the search bar to try and find experiences, I’m an adult and I don’t find this intuitive. I don’t speak for any mature person by saying this but that’s my two cents - a button is infinitely more visible and useable here.


Amazing addition and I can’t wait for more quality of life changes.


I don’t think many people who actually play roblox games would find this useful or know it exists. The way this was implemented seems like an after thought and wont find use outside of developers.


It has made it easier to find games that are stealing my art/description/name in order to teleport funnel people into scam places. This would be a positive (it’s a negative currently) if there was a better reporting system or devrelations was helpful in dealing with these.