Introducing Today’s Picks - A New Curated Sort on Home [Pilot]

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I’m unbelievably happy we have a consensus on this subject.

The creative liberties we all enjoy should not be neither hampered nor endorsed based on identity, but rather substance of the product


I actually really like this update. It gives smaller games a fair chance. Plus, being able to submit recommendations is great, because it means actual users will be choosing the games, instead of an algorithm.

Of course, it’s almost ruined by the new home screen layout, but I’m willing to deal with that.


I don’t know if I just haven’t been paying attention before now or not, but since this update happened I’ve suddenly started getting recommended games I actually enjoy playing by the algorithm.

So far, my favorite of said games has been Prototype!



hahaha what the f*ck


I’ve appended an update below my post.

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Theres no reason to delete the comment as if the problem never existed. People will get the memo


I asked them to edit it (not delete it) because it’s no longer relevant to ask why it even exists in the first place.

OP added on more so it shows their point and question why it existed in the first place

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I recently released a game and all seemed well right before this Pilot Home update. The first 3 weeks of my game’s release consisted of only my core discord audience since I got NO home page recommendation impressions. After those 3 weeks, my game FINALLY started to get recommended to new players and my CCU and home impressions were steadily growing. Fast forward to this home update and my CCU and recommended impressions have dropped over 5x. This is incredibly debilitating to see considering all the work and time I’ve spent to create my game and keep up with updates this month. So I would like to voice some things:

We acknowledge that growing your initial audience is hard, particularly for new and unique types of experiences. This pilot is a first step in awarding initial impressions to new and recently updated experiences so that we can better match them with the right audience.

This home update made this process harder. I have a new and actively updating game and the game has gotten punished due to this update. Therefore, whatever claim that is trying to be made here has either failed or just flat out not followed.

I go to my home page and what do I see? I see 8 games with crazy CCUs and games that I have seen being recommended for years. This is not the purpose of this update as stated above.

I would like to know what changes are being made and what to expect. It’s gotten to the point where I will not update my game or work on the platform until this update is more situated. All the work I have done for the last 6 months has felt lost, and further work at the moment does not reward me at all.


My game literally just lost 2/3rds of its players ts so cooked


My game went from 2k ccu to 800 in an hour.


This new update is a killer for games at lower CCU, I recently had a game blow up with the old algorithm implementation but with the new one it’s currently at a death rate. On top of that what is the point of CTR on our icons and working hard on them, if you are going to just change the home recommendation from showing icons to thumbnails?

Please undo this update asap!


Most of my games just dropped almost 60% of their player base due to the Roblox algorithm no longer pushing them. This is just ruining more of creators’ hard work.


The recommendation tab change seems to have happened within the past few hours, so might be an unrelated bug.

Relevant bug report:


Yeah it being a bug makes sense, thanks! However a lot of my feedback definitely still applies


There was an unrelated issue with one of our services affecting the recommendations being served earlier today. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Please note that this was not an intentional change. The recommendations you were seeing are not representative of the personalized recommendations for your user :pray:


Please remove this, I believe this is a very bad issue…


Incredibly disappointing results so far.

So far Roblox has only promoted games that already have tens of millions of users, who already get enough recognition from Roblox on various platforms and some who were even in the hunt less then a month ago. What is the point?

If the point of this sort was to promote smaller games then you have miserably failed. Roblox’s curation team seriously needs a mix up, just because a game is incredibly popular doesn’t mean it deserves to be promoted more. Promote smaller games, promote games that don’t meet your “quality” guidelines. Quality is subjective, just because a game looks bad or low quality to you doesn’t mean it’s bad to someone else.

Do better


I’m still not seeing “Today’s Picks” on my home page :frowning:

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Because this feature is in testing, it is only given to a randomly selected amount of users.


The OP does not say that it is AB testing


It says “We will test…” in the first line


Consider yourself lucky. My homepage (and a lot of other people) is now extremely bloated with sponsors, recommendations, and “todays picks” instead of… useful information like friends and continue playing.