Introduction of the Avatar Context Menu


I had some of these problems in my game as well. I ended up removing the wave option so that my own “trade” button would be immediately visible above the fold (not a satisfying solution).

Another inconsistency is that when one of the default options is clicked (wave, add friend, etc), the menu closes immediately and the action is run. However, for custom options, the menu will stay open forever unless the user closes it.


Forgot about that! I remember this being the main reason why I turned it down relatively quickly.


This could make some actual great additions to some games. I just hope you can customize that UI. That’s a little… ugly.

Other than that I really like it and hope games will be able to use something like this. Making clicking commands a lot easier. I love it so far!


Cool feature. Is there a way we can make our own adaptation on this? Allowing a custom made UI with abilities to send friend requests?



Not sure if you are aware, but you can use the StarterGui function to prompt players to send a friend request to another player.


Appreciate the feedback - keep it coming so we can improve the feature. Thanks!


No hate, but I don’t think this feature should’ve been pushed. No support for gamepads, no customization for the developer - I can’t think of too many games that would use this feature. Nice idea, should’ve been refined more though.


Avatar Context Menu seems to be creating alot of lag in my game.


Could you explain what that means? Saying it is “lagging” your game is not actionable on its own.

What kind of performance issues does it cause? When does it happen exactly? (when they open the menu, when they close the menu, while they have it open, or something else…)


The game’s overall performance dropped (but mostly ping related stuff, I guess) , and increased after I removed it. The game was simply choppy and sometimes it even kicked people out due to it. I was not sure what happend but it started after I added it and ceased after I removed it. This was affecting most of the players.


is this by default off?