Intuitive Debugger: Value is not shown immediately after inclusion in "My Watches"


  1. Insert this in a script
local test = 123
  1. Set a breakpoint on line 2
  2. Run
  3. Select test, Right-click on and `Add Watch"

What happens


The Value will be updated only after pressing F10 (next step)

Thanks for the report. We’ve filed a ticket to our internal database and we’ll keep you updated on progress!


Just out of curiosity, you only replied to this topic, but I have almost 20 other similar ones (Topics tagged intuitive-debugger) that weren’t answered.
What criteria does Roblox use for attention to Bug Report topics?

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There are a lot of bugs I’ve posted about the new Intuitive Debugger: Topics tagged intuitive-debugger

I remember you asked me for support to improve Intuitive Debugger.
I am insisting on using it, despite its many bugs and slowness, to help you create a debugger that is viable to use.
But, apparently, almost ALL my bug reports about it are being IGNORED, because ONLY THIS BUG had feedback, among almost 20 on this same subject.
Do you really have an interest (and priority) in this matter?
Or should I ditch the Intuitive Debugger?

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Hi rogeriodec_games,
I apologize for my lack of responses on each individual bug report. As for the above bug, a fix for it should be going out next week, as well as a fix for Intuitive Debugger: Logpoint not throwing an error message when there is a malformed expression and Intuitive Debugger: "Continue Execution" not working on breakpoints . We are actively working on triaging the other bugs you have mentioned. Thanks for your patience.


Thanks for the feedback.
This current topic is actually one of the ones I feel is most urgent (right after the one about the slowness).
In the case of this one, I cannot see the variable content inserted in “My Watches” at the time of insertion. To see it, I need to go one step further. However, many times, the next step is the end of the scope of the current variable, making it impossible to verify the value in this window.

This was solved at some point.

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