Invisible Meshpart

Hello, I am in need of help, my meshparts which is invisible is seen on top like this,

I’ve had this problem for a while now, I’ve no idea why is it like this, here’s the image of the model.

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You need to flip the normals. Ctrl + N


Right! Forgotten about that.

An easy way to tell which way the normals are facing is described here, if you’re ever in a situation where you need to visualize them:

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Here is what it looks like!

Thanks a lot!

You can check the normals in the properties panel(wait is it called properties, I forgot). You can find a toggle somewhere in there that allows you to see which faces the normals are on.

Less useful trick; if you see a blue-ish color on your mesh, it’s probably an inverted normal.

Dang, @PeteyK473 beat me to it. :frowning:

No problem, but as @PeteyK473 and @Operatik said, using the properties panel, which should be “n” key. You can go down to mesh display (only works in edit mode) and click on one of the normals. Either for vertices, edges, or faces.

I know this has a solution, but if someone else ever comes to this post later on, I want to give another way to do this

By selecting the faces you have inverted and pressing the W key, a “Specials” menu will pop up and about halfway down should be an option to “Flip Normals.”

Re-exporting it in studio as new .obj or .fbx worked for me cuz happened to me too.