Invisible Unions Upon Upload

Have been working on a map for the last few weeks, first time I’ve uploaded it to main site and then reopened in studio, now all unions have gone invisible, even simple shapes.

This has never occurred before, very strange.

Anyone have a Solution, or riding in the same boat?


Can you include a link to the place, and save a few of the unions to a rbxm and attach them as a file here?

Will do as soon as possible, thank you for the quick response!

Did you have any connectivity issues when working on them? Or maybe you were in offline mode?
It happened to me earlier when I wasn’t connected to the Internet. Then I went back into the studio and had them invisible. Upon separating, they would also turn into a small, two-pieced union with oversized bounding box.

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So I know this thread is a little out dated but the whole ordeal was this, I have not had internet for nearly three months after relocating to a new city, and in that time I still used studio offline, now I’m back online and all the amazing things I’ve built while I was gone are now invincible Union-wise, is there any way at all to fix this? Would be such a shame to lose that work.

It looks like any CSG made while offline is invisible when opened in online Studio (Or client). We’ll look into why this is happening and if there is any way to recover the CSGs.


I really appreciate it! Thank you!

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