Is it bad to mention youtube in your scripts?

Hi, I tried making a video thing in youtube, but I’m scared I could get banned or warned for mentioning youtube in my scripts. Just saying, is it bad to mention “youtube” or “yt” in your script? I’ve seen someone get warned for mentioning discord in their GUIs, but is it valid in scripts but with youtube?

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What sort of thing are you using it for?

If you are trying to find someone who has YT in their name, I don’t think that will affect you, but again, what are you trying to use it for?

I know you said video thing, but that isn’t really clear.

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you wont get banned or warned unless and until you publish, if its locally saved in your computer you are fine. And I dont think leaving links in scripts will get you banned as I have seen links inside scripts made by roblox. Just make sure the link is not exposed to the players ingame

I think it is okay to mention YouTube because ROBLOX is associated with YouTube. but, you shouldn’t add link that is related to NSFW, gore and violates ROBLOX’s term of service. it must be unrelated with violation of TOS.

I would like to correct the record, all the above answers are wrong in some way.

Firstly and most importantly, YouTube URLs are allowed on the platform to anyone 13+. If you try to post YouTube URLs in the Roblox chat, they’re not filtered to over 13 users. There is no reasonable evidence to suggest this shouldn’t apply to scripts.

The only exception is Discord, that’s just to social links. Learn more @ Reminder Regarding Permissible Links

As well as this Roblox help article

Secondly, you should review what Roblox has said regarding to content within scripts.


I have played those obby games before, where it says “Subscribe to FatPaps on youtube”. That guy didn’t get his game suspended, so I think it’s ok. Also, you are allowed to add a youtube to social links. I would say it’s fine :slight_smile:

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