Is it bug or script error?

Why health bar invisible?

This game gives damage when player go to danger area.
game will be almost inpossible with this bug… pls help

You probably have a script/plugin which is disabling the health bar (which is a part of the CoreGui).

I agree with @Limited_Unique, search for SetCoreGuiEnabled in your scripts, you will probably find it is being used to disable everything except the leader board.

no… i didnt use that function(I first know that now) and flugin…
But there are two strange things.
First, this bug appeared only the computer and didnt appear on mobile(did it the same acc).
And second, this bug appeared from second death in computer. when first death, it not worked.

this bug really dam

well, I attached it in onplayerentered function but not worked aslo

game.StarterGui:SetCoreGuiEnabled(Enum.CoreGuiType.All, true)

If there are other scripts doing the reverse then that will not work, you need to comb through your scripts/plugins.

Ill put ‘SetCoreGuiEnabled’ in ctrl f tap and search it on every scripts wait…

SetCoreGuiEnabled is not in serverscriptservice, startergui scripts…

one question, SetCoreGuiEnabled effects only computer not mobile?
If not that, I should make function by adding script only for mobile but it can’t be possible really…
Its really strange. If you okay and on computer now, can you come to my game and test it?
It maybe problem for my computer only.

Might be worth checking plugins too.

I dont know how to check plugins well.

But I can say plugin is not problem.

plugins I bought are ‘load character(by alreadypro)’,and MaterialFlip.
I used them for some months in same game, but this bug appeared today.

visit my game and do test… just one minute enough Pls…

It is most likely a Roblox issue. Someone posted it in Engine Bugs and other people have the same problem.