Is it Ok to create a showroom for your assets/models?

Im a 3d modeller and I create different kinds of meshes. Ranging from Vehicles and etc. A Common question that i get asked often is to see the model in game. Ive created a showroom of my models including the prices and the information. But I have been warned that assets can be easily stolen from a game. Is there any way to prevent this, Counter this, Or either make it impossible to be stolen?

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Maybe insert the models into the game, and delete the scripts in the models when you put them into the game in case something bad happens, then people may not be able to steal stuff. Also because free models cannot be sold for robux, your best bet is setting your inventory to private so noone could see your free models which you own, exporting your model to roblox and set it to free then giving the link to the person who brought it, then put it offsale, right after the person brought it.

Hm, That’s good but, Problem is What if the guy wants to see it ingame, Before buying it. And persists?

Well I have not heard too much about game stealing on roblox, but make sure the game cannot be copied and there is a very high chance you should be fine, also be sure to check who is buying stuff from you. If the join date is very recent, you should get a little suspicious.

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Actually @RoundfIy333 that’s not true at all. Any geometry that’s in a live place can fairly easily be downloaded, and the scripts don’t change anything. I would not recommend putting anything in a game that I didn’t want taken.

This isn’t meant to sound alarming - no number of stolen assets actually make a game with a consistent style, and it’d be stupid to steal assets when I can contact Roblox support with easy proof of stealing.

@cool900s just take plenty of pictures from plenty of angles of your own assets. Your PC has a Snipping Tool, use it. If a client is being difficult just to see the assets regardless of any pictures you provide, you don’t want them as a client.


I think decals could be better and more secure, but I really have not seen too much 3D scanners which scan and make roblox models exactly like the ones in a game. I also saw that sometimes famous games like poke### brick bronze were stolen, and I thought I saw a vid of arsenal being stolen recently. But you should stick to decals maybe just in case I guess. I really never thought about it. And maybe link videos I guess.

thinking of this, Is it allowed to use 3d scanners or your game? I want to see if it actually works.

Idk if it is agianst the Roblox tos or not lol.

I mean, it’d be nice if it wasn’t but that’s how games are accessed.

It can happen it doesn’t mean it happens often, and join date literally means nothing. Don’t assume a recent join date means that person is less trustworthy.

Also don’t refer to images shared over text chats as “decals,” it’s confusing.

Alright, Probably going to use videos, With animations and price. Thanks alot @Aotrou!

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