Is it possible to detect multiple parts using workspace:GetPartsInPart?

Hi, I’m trying to make hitboxes using the workspace:GetPartsInPart feature for a high-speed projectile. (Going at around 500 studs per second using TweenService)

I am wondering if it is possible to detect multiple parts using said feature, and if so what is the most efficient way to make hitboxes with the feature?

I am a relatively new scripter so stuff like this is still a bit confusing for me and I can’t really find a solution anywhere. I would appreciate the help!

Maybe this would help -

Oops, this happens quite often for me as of late as English isn’t my primary language. What I meant to say is if it’s possible to effectively use the same WorldRoot:GetPartsInPart().
So let’s say I have hitbox1 and hitbox2 and I want to get the touching parts of both of these parts into a single variable / table because seemingly WorldRoot:GetTouchingParts() supports only a single part for it, so how would I go on to detect the parts both these parts are touching?

You would need to call WorldRoot:GetPartsInPart() multiple times, and insert the resulting table into a main table, then check the results with that main table.

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