Is it possible to make a gui that pops up when I click the shutdown all servers button and it teleports everybody playing into a new server?

Hello! My name is Koala_Helper.

My question is, is it possible to make a gui that appears saying ‘All servers will be shutting down for updates!’ and teleports everybody playing back into the game when I click the Shut down all running servers button? For instance, adopt me, I’ve encountered a gui that pops up and teleports everybody playing in my server that I was in, into a brand new server!

If it is just let me know, I don’t want the code. And what would you rate it like, beginner, advanced, or expert coding? I just want to know because I’m not an expert yet, I’m about an advanced scripter.

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Migrating to the newest update automatically does it for you.

Oh, when I click that, it just says ‘The games developer has shut the server down or roblox has shut the server down for maitnence’.

I believe there is either a soft shutdown plugin or script that takes the player out of the game when you publish it, and then puts them back into afterwards

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Okay, let me search up in plugins a soft shut down plugin!


Look at alvinbloxes video (Idk which one) but in one of them he gives an soft shutdown script. If you write alvinblox soft shutdown I think you can find it.

I was gonna say about that, though the only “issue”, is that; that topic, has been made some months ago, and there could be better things to use.

Edit: Months ago? Oops, i ment YEARS ago.(2 years away from 19/06/2020)

There might be some better things to use, but until someone releases a script using them or someone creates one themself, @Merely’s solution is the best for now.

Thank you! I will try the script you provided the link to it!

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When does the script take effect? When I publish it or shut it down.

It happens on shut down, so you still decide when it shuts down.

Okay thank you! I really needed this.

I am now testing the thing!!!

OMGOMGOMG THANK YOU SO SO SO SO MUCH! I NEEDED THIS. Thank you for sending the link to that dev forum post!