Is it possible to make a manual global shutdown system?

I want to have the ability to join my game and type a command to shut all servers down. Is this possible? How can I do this?

I don’t think so, but you can do it from game settings.

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You could just manage your game and press shutdown all servers.

Alternatively, you could make the command system, send it to a macro and then the macro shutdowns all of the running servers via the point above.

I see games with their own custom shutdowns though, which is odd. It wouldn’t be a thing if it wasn’t possible. Also I don’t want to shutdown the roblox default way so using a macro to shut them all down won’t work. I want to be able to have a system that detects a datastore or something then shuts the server down.

Try using MessagingService, it might work. It’s the only way I can think of this working.

It is possible to do this - but custom game shutdowns work via using the Roblox inbuilt method.

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You can also use a web server to accomplish this.

You can accomplish this with a data store, create a data store and check if that data store has changed every 30 seconds on server, and when you join a game and run that command, it will change the data store therefore kicking everyone from teh game with a note saying “Game shutdown.” make sure to whitelist yourself so you can rejoin and run the same command to enable all servers again. This should work. It’s what i do but it will take at most 30 seconds to shutdown all servers.