Is it possible to move a model slowly to another place?

Hello developers!
I would like to know if it is possible to move a platform(model) slowly to another place (it is not linera direction :confused:).

I want to make a model to go to another area when the player stay onto it.
The player needs to stand on the platform to go to another one.
And if it is possible, does anyone has an idea on how to do that?

Sorry to clarify, but the player must be standing on the model to have it move? Just asking so I can accurately understand your question.

Yes it is what I want to know!
I want to make a model move to another place (slowly) the player must stand on it to go to the other place!

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You can tween the part when the player touches it, but to stay on it, there’s another topic about staying on a part that moves:

That shows how to connect a player to a moving platform.

Mhh, do you have an idea to twin the player with the platform?
I think I have to use “TweenServices” + Touched am I right?

Yes! It is possible! With Body Movers! Check out this article to learn more!

That’s the topic I sent you to, enter the link that I sent, it’s about how jailbreak keeps the player on the train when it is moving, you can do it with a part too. And yes you are right, you can use tween service to move the part, so you can control the settings.

Ok thx you, I will try that and I’ll reply on this thread if I have any problems/Questions

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