Is it possible to PlaneCast? (Increased Area RayCasting)

Hey, I’m AlphaTesting and I’m currently working on a plugin that turns complex objects into cubic representations in order to make high quality “Old Roblox” style builds.

I’ve run into an interesting situation where I need to RayCast pieces of terrain and gather X, Y, and Z values. The problem is a situation where a thin section of wall will be entirely missed and leave gaps in the generation. This is because the current state of RayCasting (to my knowledge) acts as a 1 dimensional line.

I’ve seen some ideas around the forum by doing a similar thing with Region3 by creating a starting point and moving in increments; however, processing power is of serious importance as in its current form I am checking, logging, and discarding, hundreds to even millions of Position values. Checking every single individual point with a new Instance (Region3) just doesn’t sound like an optimized option.

If anyone has any insight into the matter please let me know!

And hey if there is no such solution maybe this could be a good idea for Roblox in the future; as I’d imagine it’d be a great tool for pathfinding.

Also for anyone curious here’s an image of the quoted style:

Dust 2 (Bloxified)

Created by me.

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You’d need to use multiple raycasts.

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My main issue with that is it doesn’t exactly solve my issue. I don’t just need a 1x1 area with rays at the 4 corners or even more jammed within (which is technically what I have already). I need a 1x1 stud length plain that will cast down for increased accuracy.

But this post you linked does look promising so thanks for link! I’ll be checking it out.

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