Is it possible to request blacklisting for members?

Hey everyone.

I’ve been considering emailing DevRel, requesting them to blacklist certain users from becoming a member of the DevForum due to extreme toxicity and unhelpful feedback. While this is all on Twitter and not the DevForum itself, it semi-carries over to Roblox in general. I do block these types of people, but when they find out, they basically call their ‘co-devs’ to come and back them up with raids.

One example:

This guy also calls himself a ‘RBLX Dev’ in his bio. I’m not disclosing his profile to comply with rules, and extreme curse words have been censored out. The context behind this image was I made an American diesel train painted in British train colors and insignia (British Railways) as an ‘r/whoosh’ joke.

A true developer never bashes other peoples’ work, regardless of how wonky or crazy it can end up.

Here’s another example:

I’ll just conclude here by mentioning that this kind of stuff has been happening for a long time, and mostly revolves around my game’s ‘flatshading style’. For some reason, they are really toxic about it and have unachieveable expectations on Roblox.

What are your thoughts?


Well I think that it’s some what unfair that some people just steals someone else model and make it there own, it’s unfair.

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I don’t understand what you mean by this. This isn’t regarding to plagiarism, but rather Roblox users who acclaim themselves as ‘devs’, when they mostly spend their ‘dev time’ bashing other devs’ work.

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What I mean is that you can report it. Am not sure if someone can get blacklisted for DevFourm but at the same time I think they can IF they are in devfourm. I think it’s based on if they are in devfourm if they are and they are stealing other people’s builds, then ya they might get strikes.

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Considering these “developers” are at most just being “toxic”, or giving non-constructive feedback along with the fact it’s outside of the DevForums… It really seems like overkill to just blacklist them from the DevForums when they’ve done nothing here.

Personally from what I’m seeing here I think it’s one of those situations where you just need to ignore them. Now I do believe people should be blacklisted if they’re actively stealing assets from within the community, or conducting unethical development practices but these should be outlined by DevRel and handled with caution if such a thing is put into place. From what I know, they already do this if you contact DevRel in regards to theft with solid proof.

To sum it up, you just need to not let these kinds of people get to you and move on as they’ll always be people bashing your work. It may not be fair that you have to deal with them, but that’s just how the internet works. Actively banning trolls from the DevForum that aren’t even part of the forums yet (if they ever even join) would be a massive waste of time, and again… resources.


I do ignore them, but it has gotten to an extent where they use racial slurs, which I report to Twitter and they take care of it in a timely manner.

It’s not overkill to blacklist them. They don’t deserve to be called developers if they can’t properly contribute to the developing community, therefore they don’t deserve access to the DevForum.

I’m going to email DevRel regardless, to see what their thoughts are.


That’s your opinion that they should be blacklisted but that conduct is happening outside of Roblox, and doesn’t involve any Roblox assets nor action against someone in a way that uses Roblox as a conduit (if that makes any sense) so why would it fall on Roblox to be moderating something outside of their site? (Even if it revolves around discussing Roblox, it’s off-site / platform)

Anyhow it’s best to contact DevRel directly in these kinds of situations as a lot of it is just on a case by case basis and they’re the ones who have the final say. Remember the community is very open-ended, and people like this are bound to show up. This has been an issue for many on Twitter, and I haven’t heard of action being taken by DevRel before against users who harass developers through it. Best of luck on your situation regardless, and I hope that your issue reaches a good resolution.


Seems like something you should send privately to DevEngagementTeam so they can take a look at it.


The problem with sending stuff to DET over this system is lengthy response times. Do they have an email?

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Email is probably same response time. Does not seem like an urgent issue though?

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It is semi-urgent, because it’s doing damage to my game’s rep, not to mention my developers. Stuff like this has happened in the past by the same people, and back then I was willing to let it slide. However, I am not letting it off the hook this time and I would like to see some kind of action taken. It’s a pretty serious matter.

I have sent in an email to DevRel and I’m awaiting a response. I’ll mark this thread as a solution when it comes in and I’ll relay what they said here.

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The DevFourms as a platform is designed to be open for all, without blacklist*. However, this doesn’t mean that developers can be highly disrespectful.
If anyone on the DevFourms violates the rules, this includes personal attacks, extremely inappropriate language (racial, ablism, etc), you follow standard protocol and just flag the content, it’ll be handled by the appropriate team. Off platform can complicate things.

If you can prove that, that’s a perm removal, learn more @ Official Rules of the Roblox Developer Forum

Personally, I find these actions completely unacceptable and a poor show of their character. The fact it’s off platform does complicate it. Hopefully the communication with Dev Engagement can help.

As a community, I believe that you should be open to criticism of your work and actions, not your person. Ad hominem attacks serve no purpose on this site and should be dealt fully as appropriate.

* This excludes those who are blacklisted for violating the DevFourm rules


There’s a difference between helpful criticism:

Person A: Here is my latest creation!
Person B: Hmm, it needs work.
Person A: What can I do to improve?
Person B: [polite suggestions and explanations]

And destructive criticism, as seen on the OP:

Person A: Here is my latest creation!
Person A then loses motivation and may ultimately take choices in their life that aren’t exactly the best.

I hope that DR / DET can help too.


Of course. It’s worth repeating these two quotes, with a small adjustment to highlight further what I mean.

Learn more about ad hominem attacks/personal attacks from this Wikipedia article. Along with the official rule @ Official Rules of the Roblox Developer Forum

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