Is it possible to take a video in game from the server?

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I have a racing game, and I am adding functionality to have time stamps when each player finishes. But, I also want to able to take a video of the finish line for photo finishes. I know you can do cutscenes and such, but can you have recorded cutscenes? And if that is possible, can the framerate be slowed down?

Technically assuming the map remains static, you can just save all the race car positions inside an array(saving the positions once a few milliseconds and the current timestamp). Then when the race finishes, take the last 5 seconds of that array positions, and use them to position and animate “fake” cars inside a cutscene(with the player characters and such). Basically there’s no way to record actual video, but it can be realistically faked depending on your game logic.

You could try this

Just note that it might not be good for low end devices

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