Is it worth switching to datastore 2?

i have made a saving script for my game which saves all items player has placed down on their base. i am using the normal datastore and it doesnt save the data very often. i was thinking if switching to datastore2 would fix the issue, but switching to datastore2 would take me some time, and i dont even know if that would fix the issue. is it worth it?

Yes, there is a reason its calles 2. Like Version 2, so its an improved version. But if you dont want to change you can do something like this

While True do
  wait(some time)
--save the data

Consider ProfileService too, I heard it’s good: Save your player data with ProfileService! (DataStore Module)

If you look closer at it, DataStore2 is pretty much DataStoreService with some extra functions. If your data isn’t saving as much as you would want it to, you can always just change how frequently your data saves even with DataStoreService.

Definitely not, its highly inferior and doesn’t really take any steps to protect you from data loss except saving unnecessary backups of your data frequently.

I recommend using QuickNetwork, you can find the benefits in the documentation and the post.