Is MessagingService broken in some aspect?

Hey everyone,

I’m not entirely sure if MessagingService is broken but it definitely seems to be. At my game, we allow players to purchase lightning bolts to shoot down from the sky across all servers (really just a glorified donation leaderboard) using MessagingService. This publishes one message which all the lobbies in the game receive.

However, lately (as of and during the recent Roblox outages) this doesn’t seem to be working at all. We keep getting an error when someone tries to purchase lightning and it looks something like this:

Is there something we’re doing wrong? We’re also using MessagingService in one other way, which is to tell the hub how many players are in each lobby; but that seems to have been working fine ever since release. Each lobby publishes a message (each lobby has a different topic) back to the hub every 10 seconds. The only issue that’s risen is this one, dealing with publishing a message each time a player buys a dev product for this specific purpose.

Please let me know if there’s anything else I can do, or if this is a Roblox bug that is being or will hopefully be worked on. We very clearly do not actually reach the allowed limit of publish requests and I’m not sure what else could be going on here.


Somewhat, yes. Somebody’s already made a bug report on the issue.