Is there a thing as too much UI tweening?

Is there a thing as to much UI tweening

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Mmm, I don’t really know would be interesting to see tho.

I mean if you tween to much and too often then it could create a bit of server lag but other the that I don’t see a problem with it.

I don’t think so personally.
I think that you can only go wrong 2 ways with tweening:

  • Bad tweening (e.g. Tweening taking too long)
  • Unecessary/ wrong tweening (e.g. For some GUI’s, it’s better to not tween it as the player might need to access something quickly)

In my opinion no. As long as the animations aren’t too long and distracting (unless that’s the aesthetic you’re going for).

Here is one of my old projects, take a look at the bottom video.

Yes performance-vise but excluding that, no don’t think so unless it’s overly distracting.