Is there a way to create a bot that creates a place, generate terrain, and publish it?

Is it because roblox’s anti bot system (or whatever they call it idk) will maybe detect this as those cringe botted slide down 100000000000000000000000000000000000 miles or something like that?

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That’s what I think. It is likely that the Roblox system will automatically detect and review your account.

Oh that sucks, is there any other way I can do something similar to this without roblox reviewing my account?

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Little confused about this one. You are creating a survival game and you want a unique map for each playthrough? Why don’t you just generate a new map when the server starts up instead of using a bot to do some janky method of publishing places.

Because I want progress for each map to be saved

I think it’s impossible with a bot. We recommend that you post the place yourself.

What exactly is “Progress” tools and inventory? Levels and XP?

Yeah, and stuff the players built, such as camp fires and shelter.

On my account, or making each individual place for each player>?

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If you want to generate random maps, I would recommend doing that using perlin noise. As for saving stuff like that, use DataStoreService:

I don’t know that, but the place or the account that posted the game could be subject to sanctions.

Even if I do use Perlin Noise, how would I make it so it will be different per person? Would I save the map that it creates to an external api, then load it when they join or something else?

The best course of action is to generate a unique map every time a new game is created. Then you can save the map and anything the player built using datastores and serialization. Finally once the player rejoins simply rebuild their buildings and structures.

Here is a great tutorial to get you started.


Make the map be different per person? I would recommend reading into TeleportService so you can have a hub that teleports players to their own individual servers if you want that. Also, read @kylepo99 's post as well. Good luck!

Okay I’ll try that, and also is there a way to auto generate with the built in terrain generator? And then just save the seed or something and have it reload when they join, and it will save position of objects?

Hey @astrozzyz!

The best way I can think of is something like Minecraft mixed with the game rust, have the game reset every month or so then use a seed system like Minecraft to generate the terrain. Not at all do I know how to code this but I know for a fact it will not need a secondary Roblox account that will break the terms of service! I hope this helps.

Also use a game hub like the game dust does; Dust

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There are many ways to generate random terrain. You can find many great articles that explain it better then I ever could. The seed method should work fine for this use case assuming you won’t allow editing the terrain. Finally using the article I linked above, you will be able to save buildings and other player made structures.

Alright I’ll try to do something, thank you. Ill update you when I get something working.

One more thing, @kylepo99, is there a way to do this with the terrain tool in studio so it doesn’t look all blocky and it looks better than just gray blocks?

I just decided to do this because I’m not good with coding, Thanks for everyone who tried to help!