Is there a way to differentiate between accessory objects?

Hi, so just a quick question… is there a way to tell apart from a face accessory item and a hair accessory item besides their names in the properties somehow? Thank you so much.

I believe there are certain Attachment names that you can check for if the Names are equal to what you want to search

I just need to reference a handful of accessories anyways so I inserted a string value into them telling me what type they are. Thanks for the help though, I might need that info later.

Their attachment names inside the hat correspond to the hat type, therefore you can loop through the hats:

for i,v in next, character:GetChildren() do 
if v:IsA("Accessory") then 
if v:FindFirstChild("Handle") then
if v:FindFirstChild("FaceCenterAttachment") then
print("Face Accessory")
if v:FindFirstChild("HairAttachment") then
print("Hair Accessory")