Is there a way to disable nicknames/aliases?

Hi, so I don’t know if player’s aliases (not their real name @etc.) will affect my game and the scripts there since I believe you can share the same alias in the game… First of all, when I use player.Name does that return the username or the alias and not the username? I don’t know this.

Second of all, if player.Name returns the alias than how can I turn off aliases? Thanks.

You can remove nicknames like this:

		char:WaitForChild("Humanoid").DisplayDistanceType = Enum.HumanoidDisplayDistanceType.None
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Thanks, also do you know if player.Name returns the username or the alias? ALSO, does the character’s name become a copy of the username or the alias in workspace? Thanks.

player.Name returns the username, not the display name (alias)
This wont affect your game

This should help clear up any confusion:

i.e Player.Name is separate from Player.DisplayName

player.DisplayName returns the player’s display name. If the player doesn’t have a display name, it returns the normal username.

player.Name returns the username only.

They’re both different properties

You could just set the Player’s DisplayName equal to their actual ROBLOX Username

    Player.DisplayName = Player.Name
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Yes, but does the name of their character resemble their username or displayname? Thanks

Player.Name represents the player’s username.

I know that now, i’m talking about the character’s name… does the name of the character represent the username or displayname? Thanks

Since the name of the character is the same as Player.Name (unless you changed it) it should represent the username.

Thanks, I can personally try this… do you have any clue how to set a displayname? I can’t for the life of me find the function on the website.

Most of the information you would need is in the article I linked. You can use Player.DisplayName to set the display name.

For some reason I don’t see the option. It might have to do with the fact that my name is “unsuitable for Roblox” and that I can’t get past that to make a displayname. I’ll just take your guys’ word for it.

Oh I see, do you want to set your own displayname via the website? Or are you trying to set the Player displayname via a script?

Well my plan was to originally give myself a displayname and then join a game in studio to “check” if my character’s name would reflect the username or displayname. So not by script, but through the website… but I don’t have the option (maybe because my account is from 09?). I don’t know why it’s not giving me the option to set a displayname but ok…

If you go into settings on the Roblox website and then look under account info you should be able to set your display name there.

This is all I see:

And if I click username it just says it’s 1000 robux to change it

Weird. You could probably simulate it anyway by just setting your displayname via a script.

Yeah, I guess I could still do that. It probably reflects the username anyways unless someone can try this for themselves and confirm for me. Thanks for the help.