Is there a way to link discord to roblox?

Recently, I have been trying to figure out if it is possible to link discord to roblox, but sadly, I have yet to find any info on it. The only info I’ve found on it is, linking roblox to discord and that’s not what I am looking for.

To explain what I am doing, here’s an example: I would do “>kick-ingame gamingtime354 Being a nub” in discord.

It would kick the player from the game, in roblox (if he was in the game). Would such a thing be possible or can roblox only link to discord and not the other way around?


I don’t think there’s a way to link both rn. If i’m not wrong, the only connection between both platforms are bots like Rover.


Okay, thank you for answering my question!

As previously mentioned, there’s no direct way to link Discord and Roblox. However, it is still possible to do. It would require setting up a Discord bot that records your commands on another online database, and having your game request those commands from the database and executing them in-game.


Someone made a ban system via discord to roblox you could possibly set up more commands for this with a bit of editing


I am currently making something which aims to achieve exactly this using NodeJS and MongoDB. If you game is popular and has a lot of servers it can get expensive pretty quickly. To keep the realtime feel, every server will need to send a request to a NodeJS backend every 5-20 seconds. 6 requests per minute might not sound like much, but when you have 30 servers running 24/7, that adds up to a lot of traffic. I’m working on a lot of ways to optimize request size and frequency so I expect to have a working prototype in at least 3 months.

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By saying “link discord to roblox” he is meaning to make Discord a type of panel/console to run commands (prob with a bot/webhook) to punish/do stuff in game like Kensizo made a ban bot from Discord-To-Roblox

I made a system exactly like this nearly 3 years ago, They way to do it is an Express Server which checks a DB. then with the command make it to save to the DB. Then loop a HTTP Request to that endpoint.

EDIT : Looping it will make it ban them after it has been updated.

I could attach a example of how to do it if You want.

You could also do something with this as well. [Node.js] rbxwebhook.js - simple node and Roblox event communication

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That’s … exactly what I assumed. If you read my post, I said one way to do it is have a Discord bot log commands said on a server, store them in a database, and have the Roblox game request those commands from the database in-game.

This would be pretty easy using node.js and npm. I started maintaining @Reselim’s roblox-long-polling npm package method and created rbxwebhook.js as @TheKitDev stated. Please note that this would involve knowledge of Javascript (Node.js), Lua, HttpService, and Node.js and NPM package usage. You would also need to understand discord.js or any other node.js discord API wrapper available.

rbxwebhook.js creates a seamless and easy roblox server and node.js event interaction meaning that I could take an event from a discord.js message and use that data to broadcast an event to all of my servers.


If I were to say >kick-ingame gamingtime354 I could take the argument gamingtime354 and use the server.broadcast method in rbxwebhook.js with the parameters of gamingtime354. When I get that event in-game I could then check all of my players to see if their username matched the username given and if so kick them from the game.

More Information: [Node.js] rbxwebhook.js - simple node and Roblox event communication

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Yes you can, I’ve seen examples to where anything anybody types in game it appears in any channel you want in the discord… Also like VetexGames he had to where he banned anybody in game it showed in the discord… So yes! There is ways and more than 1

It’s possible : :o

It is possible, if you use express etc etc you can easily connect to roblox. You would need to give the roblox game a port to get through and an ip etc etc.