Is there a way to make an entire model move without inserting body velocities to all descendants/parts inside

Hi, I’m trying to make an animation for a spaceship that’s automated to attack a city in my showcase game (kinda ironic for a showcase i know) and using vectors via the primary part of the model for the ship to move it seems rather not pleasing to the eye. What I mean by this is because of the fact that roblox code is limited to tick speed and you can’t just move things at like lets say a nanosecond at a time, this makes the moving animation for the ship more clunky and less fluid. I’d rather use body velocities than having to update the position of the model 800 studs every 0.001 seconds so that it moves more fluidly. However because of the amount of parts already in the game, I do not wish to have tons of body velocities moving the entire ship by being in each individual part; I want to see if it’s possible to create an instance that moves the whole model rather than an individual part. I do not know how to do this but I’d like to code something of the sort in the model via script (and I’m sure it may only be possible that way, i have no idea though). If anyone could help me it would be greatly appreciated, thanks

You can weld all of them together, then add just one body velocity.

are you sure this works? I use qperfectionweld scripts for large welds like this and this didn’t work. Instead the whole thing fell

This is because the body force of the body velocity is not great enough. Set the max force to math.huge in a script or type in a really big number to do it manually. Sometimes it’s better to weld things manually instead of using a script. If it fails, consider using TweenService.

The answer to your question is tweening the model.

Essentially if you weld the entire model with WeldConstraints and then move the root in Tween the rest will follow, you might want to do the welding by hand if its going to be complicated:
You might find this useful as a guide.