Is there a way to make smooth terrain with the "smooth" tool?

Hi! I’m Abysstakari, I’ve been developing on one of my current projects and I’ve encountered an issue. While making terrain using the “Grow” and “Add” tool, I was making hills and was trying to find a way to make a smooth curve for a hill. When I used the “smooth” tool, it ended up making somewhat jagged lines on the terrain (Example Shown Below)


Is there any way to fix this issue? For all I know, the only way to create smooth terrain is either using the “Part to Terrain” Plugin or either Generating it.

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Have a look at this post Smooth Terrain: How To’s and Tips and Tricks - Resources / Community Tutorials - DevForum | Roblox, especially this part here

Slightly outdated but may still work…

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Thank you! I appreciate it and I’ll let you know if this fixes it in any way possible.

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