Is there a way to mass export stuff from blender as separate parts?

As stated above, i don’t want to have to select and export every part. If there is a way to mass export all the mesh parts, i would love to know.


There’s a Blender plugin created by @nurgenius made just for this.


Could you link me to it? I tried to find it in his inventory but i don’t see it.

Also If you want to you can separate the parts in studio and then once you’re in Blender select the part(s) that you want to move without disturbing the other part. You do have to be in Object mode for this to work.
Hope this helps!

here is the dropbox link, just go to user preferences -> add-ons and install from file ( @nurgenius made this )

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Hey there, thanks for tagging me @Legoracer and @ItzPlanes. So just to clarify, @ValorDibs, you’re trying to export meshes from Blender to Studio, or Studio to Blender? You mentioned exporting meshparts, Roblox inventories, so I hope you haven’t confused the two.

To export to Blender:

Select all the parts you want exported, right click, and select “Export Selection…”


…and then select your save destination. In Blender, you can then hit File > Import > Wavefront Batch(.obj) and select the same file, and voila, all your meshparts should appear, separated and all! Note: There is currently a bug where you may need to repeat the process twice, as the first export may not actually carry out properly

To export to Studio

Follow the guide I posted here: Something to help you all with multiple blender mesh exports

In blender you have to select all objects, then export them using this plugin to you destination. In studio you can then import all the different objects individually, or through bulk import!

Hope this helps, let me know if you face any difficulties on either end!

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