Is there a way to sync Roblox Scripts to Vscode without Plugins?

Is there a way to edit scripts from Roblox into Vscode without Plugins? I want to do it but idk how.

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No. You can only use plugins. Roblox does have their own internal service for file syncing but it isnt available to the public.

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I don’t think so, I’d assume you need some type of “middle man” in syncing scripts, such as Rojo which is able to communicate between Roblox Studio and VSCode and sync script changes accordingly. Rojo is quite easy to setup once you get the hang of it and it is definitely worth learning how to do so.

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You can try argon:

It’s easy to use, and it probably provides all the features you need.

No, it is not possible to do this without a plugin.

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