Is there any function or method to check what device a player is running on?

This might be kind of an obvious question and easy to find on the Developer Hub. But I don’t know where to look, it would be amazing if someone could just help me out with this one!


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You can use UIS (User Input Service)
And checking if the player has touched or clicked the screen, so if the player clicks with mouse, you will know he’s on a PC! If player Touchs screen, you will not it’s a Mobile/Tablet
How to detect if Player is using a Phone? Please check if there’s similar posts to yours before asking!

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U can check which input the player currently uses with this API! Check it out!

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You can check if someone is on computer via UserInputService.MouseEnabled, or KeyboardEnabled, or even both. You can use GuiService::IsTenFootInterface to determine if player is on console. You can determine if player is on mobile with UserInputService.TouchEnabled, but im pretty sure that is true for users with touch screen PCs. So you might wanna check that there is no mouse and keyboard. If you were asking how to determine a user’s OS, like Windows, macOS, or even iOS/Android then you are out of luck.


As the others have said, there are ways to find out whether a player is using a touch screen device.
However, Roblox does not give you insight in the player’s device type.


Man, now I feel incredibly dumb, of course this is the solution! Thank you guys so much for answering! I can now continue my project. :slight_smile:

You’re welcome!
Feel free to share more problems you come across in your project. Good luck :smile: