Is there anyway to ip Ban people from my/you're games?

So a question came into my head, can you ip ban people from my/you’re games. Is there any Admin Command for that? Thank you for you’re help if you answer.


I also wanted that,and probably many developers would,due to their games being exploited,normally those games are RP games,café,hotels and etc.
But thats probably impossible,because getting players ip is probably impossible,only if you used an sort of exploit.

No, this is not possible, and shouldn’t be possible.


Sure but like they cant go in with other accounts is that impossible?

I already said there,its probably impossible,and to an player get officialy ip banned,they must be banned by roblox itself.(Their acc)

Also,stop saying you’re, for example in the title,you should have used my/yours games


Ok, Thank you for you’re help.


The short answer to this is no.

There are a lot of reasons that have been discussed prior. One of the biggest reasons that I have heard is that this is difficult for Roblox to do on a legal basis especially because of <13s. Additionally, ip bans can include huge amounts of people, which is why they are rare for most platforms. Ip addresses can be changed with most ISPs, and in fact all ISPs offer a way to change your ip with them due to targeted DoS attacks. Discord bans are somewhat based off of ip, but they, as well as many other platforms, most likely use services to know what IPs are organizations, VPNs, etc.

On a side note, @PhoenixRessusection it is not possible to get a player’s ip through any kind of exploit.


Thank you very much for you’re help either.

there should be hwid bans and an official BanService
i heared exploits use hwid (idk cause i never used one)


Theres an suggestion for that at this suggestion!

Saying it’s not possible is just wrong, It’s been possible like 4 times throughout the years, even being able to do it through purely Lua.


I don’t think this is true, but I may be wrong honestly. How you could have possibly gotten a user’s ip address purely just through Roblox lua without it being directly exposed through some kind of api I am pretty clueless. Can you find any sources of some kind talking about this? It sounds like it would have been a pretty serious thing and I’m interested.

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It’s happened several times.

This is very interesting, and it definitely does show that it was indeed a concern. It looks like this is a case where it was accidentally exposed though, which isn’t really an exploit, but rather a huge oversight. With how Roblox has grown, any method to find a user’s ip address is no longer an actual concern for us, and currently definitely wouldn’t be possible to do with the amount of back checking Roblox does. I see no reason why Roblox would accidentally expose user ip addresses again.

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is getting someones ip from roblox against robloxs terms of service?

Gosh that would be helpful to stop alt creators but sadly this is impossible and never will be possible, Roblox actually is against game owners having the power to ban people from their game in general so I doubt they would add something to help support that, though it would be a nice feature.

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I think it sohuld be obvious but yes it is.

its so stupid though since im a group moderator from having people continously creating new roblox accounts and joining the game and doing the same thing after ive already banned them

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It’s not possible to get a user’s IP address for safety reasons.

It would be nice if Roblox could provide a way similar to how Discord words to banning users from your server.

Provide a username to ban to a username list on Roblox for your game, Roblox will handle the checking of users IP on their end.

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