Is there anyway to store data outside of roblox?

Hello everyone. is there any free service out there to store a table of hashs or data. so it can be retrieved using HttpService in a roblox studio plugin?
I think about github. but am not sure it that’s suitable for the job.


You could use trello as that is widely used

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am i able to send get requests into Trello?

yes you are.

An API exists on the forum for that

Roblox-trello | Object Oriented Trello API.

it’s outdated, easy to implement nevertheless.

Not to be used a database, not what it is.


Noooooo. Trello is not a database, please do not use Trello to store data. I’ve advocated a lot against the use of Trello for databases: my most recent reply regarding it can be found here:

@IlyasTawawe GitHub isn’t a database either, it’s a code hosting platform. Please make sure you check out what a platform’s capabilities or intentions are first before considering them as potential options! You can pull code but please do not commit code and treat it like data!

I’m sure a quick search around the internet could find you something suitable to use, but don’t expect it to be an easy find. A lot of this kind of software requires some money put into it.

I would’ve suggested jsonstore io, however it’s been closed for unfortunate reasons.

If you can help it, try to use DataStores. Plugins can still access a game’s DataStores provided you own the game and are the one running the plugin.


Storing data outside roblox is a bit hands on; so you kind of have to ask yourself why use a non-roblox database. But it’s definitely possible to set one up, and use SQL or json instead. But I wouldn’t use a plugin to implement it, because using httpService to handle a database should involve authentication procedures for security.

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i want to store a series of hashs that can be modified in realtime to add malicious scripts hashs to the database. am making some kind of simple antivirus plugin.

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You can store data into an SQL database, as shown here.

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Ah interesting, that would make sense for why using an offline database. Seems like the most tricky part would be differentiating malicious scripts from regular ones. So best of luck with that.

But also be careful when updating the database, you might want to authenticate all db queries come from the plugin and ensure integrity too. So something like a private-public key pair would be useful in that.

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I use MongoDB to store data. It connects with the Mongoose NPM package. I have Roblox sending a post request to my API endpoint with HttpService, and then when express picks up that post request, it stores the data in the collection.

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