Is this decal allowed on Roblox?

Last time I uploaded an image, I forgot to crop out the address bar, so the image was blocked.
I want to reupload an edited version (address bar cropped out), but will my reuploaded version be allowed?

(edited version)


Looks find to me, This will make it though mods without it getting blocked.

also, why does it say:
also, c a t:

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If weird anime decals make it on roblox, I think this one will.

Jokes aside, it looks fine and nothing seems to be going against the roblox terms of service.


it looks fine to me. if your decal gets moderated again, i suggest emailing with your image attached. they’ll most likely put it back up since it doesn’t look wrong or anything.

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Just gonna put this reply here with the part on contacting support.

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that is not true. i can confirm that support isn’t entirely automated, as ive had an asset successfully appealed before with no issues. everything mentioned in that post is just opinion with no clear evidence.

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Not really in my case.
Earlier in 2021 I created a ticket asking if I needed to add a filter to me developer only messaging system, and I got a reply back giving me links to the Filtering API, and how to enable <13 Filtering, or something else related to enabling a filter.

That’s just 1 example.

isn’t that what you wanted?? also, you should know yourself that you need filtering in roblox messages lol.

i do not wish to clutter this thread, so if you want to talk to me further i suggest bringing it to dms.

i’m not going to clutter it, so this will be my last message to it.

No, I wanted to know if I needed to add a filter to a server message system that only devs could access.