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that stuff on the right is absolutely amazing. i like that. not really the left tho. 10/10 for right 5.5/10 for left and let me explain. pls don’t take that to heart btw I’m not tryna be rude

  • So, first of all, you have added this glitch effect as an outline that does not add anything the the art, and is hard to make out from the background in some places.

  • Your lighting is way off. The entirety of the surroundings is red, so why not have some reddish lighting? Your current light source is apparently white, and very dim.

  • The NEON RED sunglasses should probably give off some light; face is impossible to see.

  • Your posing for the right arm (our left) should not look like the arm is popping out too much. Try to keep that more subtle, and fix the torso being rotated so that it has some bends in it as well. Your texture for the clothing also makes it impossible to the the left arm skin (our right)

  • I like what you did there with the sunrays, except with the glitch outline it only makes it seem as if it is trying to be too flashy, and seems like you overdid it.

  • I like how you did the background, except the character doesn’t feel part of the background yet. You should probably do some color-grading instead of just slapping an outline there.

That is mostly it from me, love your work, keep in mind that I’m not tryna keep you down, just giving you tips is all!

happy graphic artisting!!!

Nope! No X/10 rating from me!

I will say this though. It looks cool…ish. I see some design issues, such as the Roblox logo not being tilted the correct amount (I believe it is 15 degrees), and what is that background? It looks like dead zombies.

The text “GRAPHIC ARTIST” is inconsistent with the setting or theme of the picture (it could be worse, though). The text below it, however, is amazing!

The guy on the left… who is he? What’s that shirt he’s wearing? A fish skeleton? Is he sprouting wings on his back? Why does his right arm look like it is dislocating? What’s up with the glasses?

Also, the blending in the middle is very clearly seen:

Other than that, this is pretty good GFX! If I were you, I’d choose a different aspect ratio so I could see more of what the background is.