Is Tween Function With Model:SetPrimaryPartCFrame able to make?

I Been Trying To Make Tween Function For Model With SetPrimaryPartCFrame
This What i Have Tried:

function Manima.TweenModel(Model,NPos,times)
local modelpri = Model.PrimaryPart ------------Set Model PrimaryPart
local moveto = NPos -----------Position Of Model PrimaryPart Vector3
local movedis = math.abs(modelpri.Position.Magnitude - NPos.Magnitude)
local speed = movedis/times
local FPS = 30
local loop = FPS*speed
for i = 1,loop do
Model:SetPrimaryPartCFrame( <------ I Stuck Here


Don’t use Model:SetPrimaryPartCFrame, as it is deprecated. Read this thread instead.

Thank You So Much, I been trying to search for solution too but with the wrong key word