Issue with gun bullet direction

I want the bullet fire to be always aligned with the front of the gun


have you tried using Attachment?

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If you looked the recording then you can see that when i move the bullet is not aligned with the gun

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Well my bullet fire is a part will it work with attachment?


Yes it will.
Raycasted bullet might be laggy.
I think it normal for it to be laggy tho.

Ok and how to i position the bullet with the attachment

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You want teh gun to fire at Attachment spot?

Here is what i want

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Yeah sure!
Here teh instruction

This is where i create my bullet btw

Is Intersection where the Bullot


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Insert a Attachment in the Handle.

Make a Variable of the Attachment
local Attachment = script.Parent.Handle.Attacment

Ok i already put an attachment in it

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local bulletClone = ServerStorage.Bullet:Clone()
bulletClone.Size = Vector3(0.2, 0.2, distance)
bulletClone.CFrame =, intersection) *, 0, -distance / 2 )
bulletClone.Parent = workspace

It still do the same thing
robloxapp-20211126-1431182.wmv (560.0 KB)

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In that case,you might wanna try using FasCast Redux

FastCast Documentasion

FastCast DevForum thread

FastCast Redux Module

I don’t think it’s lag it’s just the bullet fire that take the old position and then don’t move

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I mean-
It really take the old place where it Activated.
Raycasted Bullet will follow the Attachment position but when moving it will still fire at old position for few milisecond

try using a midpoint: origin+direction/2

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