Issues with the move tool

I’m sorry if this is the wrong category, I would’ve posted this in the Help and Feedback category, but it would not let me.

Anyways, I am here to talk about an issue that might just ruin my game-making process.

I have a game I am working on with my main account, ItsEliteEddie, and it’s an obby, and requires a lot of moving objects around and resizing, rotating, etc. And I noticed while adding an additional obstacle, when I moved it, it automatically rotated. I had no idea what happened, but after a while it got irritating. It does not happen to everything, just wedges, models, and unions, but I use those a lot.

If anyone knows about how to fix this, please reply about it.

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Are your collisions on? If they are, try turning them off.

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They are off.
It just rotates wherever I move it

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They’re already working on the new lua dragger tool

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You can press R and T to rotate/ tilt objects with any of the draggers (move, resize, normal dragger)

When you hold and drag a part on top of another part it tends to conform to the surface you’re dragging it over and align with it. There are even settings to make selected models behave this way under studio settings.
Typically after you drag your part/ model over another part, it orientates itself and then you can press R to rotate it in the desired direction, then use the rotate tool if you want it to have a more specific angle. If you wanna move an object onto another one without it conforming, you can just use the move to as normal with the handles without clicking + dragging

Do you happen to have Constraints on? Probably what’s causing your problem


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