January 2020 Recap: Starting the year off with a bang!

And so, we continue to set forth on new horizons, working together and getting better! I hope my contributions prove useful!

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January was a pretty nice month ngl. I’m really excited to see what will come out from Egg Hunt 2020 :eyes: :eyes:

Really hope that somewhere down the line, Particle Shadows will become a feature in Roblox. The amount of potential it could have.

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When is Avatar Evolution coming out?

Can’t wait to see what we will get this year!

Although I’m not going to rdc 2020, but I am really excited about the live stream and can’t wait for the future of 2020 :smiley:

I am hyped for RDC, who else? I can’t wait!!! OMG

I hope that doesn’t come out, lol

January was the good month for Roblox, and I can’t wait to see what’s the update looks like in February! :grin:

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Nice job I love it although I think the player list is okay. But it has been getting on my nerves sometimes. And I already miss the old one. But still an awesome job! :smile:

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…excluding the PlayerList. I, along with many others, are dissatisfied with the new PlayerList. Will the new thoughts and opinions be considered by Roblox and taken into account? Other than that, Roblox 2020 has been great so far.


Any chance of seeing the close of year 2019 road map and the new one for 2020?

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