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About Me

Hi There :wave:! I’m Theo, also known as JedDevs on the platform, and am a 18 year old dev currently studying Video Game Design and Development at college while working as the Head Programmer on BloopVille. I’ve been working and specialise as a programmer with experience writing and working with large and intricate codebases.

I currently work using Slietnicks Knit Framework, which was just released into alpha; As well as both VS Code & Github both of which are used on BloopVille where we organise and work collaboratively to create the best product possible.


I’m a huge fan of both sharing what I learn, writing and the open source community, you can find my blogs here - and here - personal. My open source work mainly consists of systems I wrote for my own convience which you may find convienet too:

'The Untitled' - Presentation for Vexxed Showcase

Game Design Preliminary Research

Game Design Brought to Life

Not How I write code anymore but relevant enough to show

Really Interesting and Challenging Problems to solve

Did all of this on my final day of the project

As well as this - I work well under pressure

'The Untitled' - Some GIFs because who doesn't like a show off

Loading Gif

Custom DOF - before roblox added their own

Cutscene including: Voiceover, Scripting, Modelling and Sound Design - All done by me.

Weapon Wheel inspired by GTA.

A couple open source systems I developed - MIT License


Improving Output Log functionality

One of the Major bugbears i’ve come to live with working on large projects are the painful to read outputs you often get that make it hard to find what you’re looking for - especially when you’re in a team and not all using the same formatting etc. To address this nagging issue i’ve built a simple, open source module that:

Converts all print and warn statements to use the same formatting.
Adds the system name (script name)/custom name + environment (client/server) to output.
Customizable output template.
Supports warn(), print() and error().

In action this module looks like:

Example GIF


Raycast Based Collision Detection For Primitive Objects

Accurate Collision Detection for BaseParts, compatible with all primitive objects but made for cuboids.
Example: Adds Touched & Touch Ended for one BasePart.

local TouchedPlus = require(game:GetService("ReplicatedStorage").TouchedPlus)
local partDetection =, 10) 
--object, precision, optional [delay] (otherwise automatically determined based on precision to balance performance)

	print("touched: ", obj.Name)

	print("touch ended on: ", lastObj.Name)

Reason: Robloxs Built in Touched & TouchEnded events are sensitive and near unusuable. I haven’t since found a good, fast and performant alternative to this. Even Zone+ has limitations as it uses Region3 which is much more, costly, than raycasting. I also wanted to offer much more control to the developer to decide the balance on accuracy, speed and performance.

Example GIF

You can test this out the playground here and it’s been left uncopylocked so feel free to play around. I’m using a Knit Component for the coins.


Ease Of Use Avatar Scaling

Prototype Based Class System for avatar scaling, supports*:
“DepthScale”, “HeightScale”, “ProportionScale”, “BodyTypeScale”, “WidthScale”, “HeadScale”


local HumanoidDescriptionModule = require(game:GetService("ReplicatedStorage").HumanoidDescription)
local success, humanoidDescription =, "All", 0.5)
if not success then return warn(humanoidDescription) end


*Can be easily modified to support more - just modify: MODIFIABLE_DESCRIPTIONS

I have also made a handful of other systems but am sadly under an NDA, the coolest of which I can talk about is boats:


I am currently NOT for hire, any update to this in the future will be displayed below as a comment.


Prices are negotiable, I accept either hourly pay or per asset. My preferred payment method is Paypal or Group Payout. If in Robux, it must exceed 20K.



You can contact me here on the Developer Forum,
Twitter at: or via email:

Thanks for reading! Last updated 3/9/2021 - UK (day/month/year) :slight_smile:


Solid work, and as you know, what caught my interest in you was always your design planning before going to the code. Shows you’re really putting in the extra effort to bring details not always visible at the start.

Highly undervalued programmer here.


Really appreciate it - i’m a neat freak and always try and keep my work as organised as possible from planning, to writing and documentation ( I use MkDocs - well worth checking out!)

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I’d I had the budget I would definitely hire you!

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Thank you! :heart: Really appreciate the kind words.

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One of the most talented scripters I have ever worked with. Dedicated, talented and creative. You will not be disappointed when you hire this fine man for your project!

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Really talented and at the same time nice which is really hard to find someone with both of those aspects. Would really recommend him! :upside_down_face:


Thanks Captin, really enjoyed working with you and learnt so much!
Appreciate the kind words :grin:



Thanks Apha, one of the nicest guys i’ve worked with who also happens to be an amazing graphics designer :grin:

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Appreciate the kind words Pine! Really enjoyed working with you through the years - one of the kindest souls on the platform.

Updated Portfolio to include my latest Open Source work, a handy module for collision detection with Cuboids! :eyes:

Huge vouch for Jed, beyond skilled!

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Thanks man, really appreciate you and everyone else i’ve worked with in the past (or in your case currently - hi btw :wave:) coming out and supporting me. Means a lot :heart: .

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Hi there!
What’s the current status of this post? Are you taking jobs as of right now?