Jespone's guide to animations


Character Creator by @DaMrNelson has worked well for me in the past for custom rigs. It can be a bit finicky though so make sure you both make backups before you start and try to leave parts/unions ungrouped.


Thanks for the tutorial or guide on animations and it look like great animation work too

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Thanks Jespone! Explaining splines and how they affect ins and outs is always tough, but I think your videos did a great job explaining the differences.


Very well made and informative guide.

You should add how to make Custom Rigs

How do I make the Animation not bounce back to it’s start?

Let’s say I’m making a dashing Animation


Are you for hire?


You have it looping, to disable loop click again in this icon at the top left. image
I’m not for hire at this moment. :sweat_smile:

To do a dash like that you have to do it through maths, not animations. You still can add an animation to do the effect of dashing but to move it like that you have to do it scripting.


I meant bouncing back like this

Has no other scripts in it but this


I am going to assume that it’s because the HumanoidRootPart doesn’t move it stays where it starts, so if I want to the Character stay where the Animation ends I’ll have to use a script to move the HumanoidRootPart?

I see so the animation is just for visuals.

That is too bad, I need an Animator.


Moving the character forwards in an animation it’s a sin. Make sure it ends at the same position it started.
Once you scripted the character to move to a side you can do it to play an animation to the character at the same time. But to animate it make sure it’s standing at the same point, you can move all the parts, the root and more. But don’t make it move because players will be moving when doing them already so it sometimes will do the player get out of the screen, you want the character to stand in the player’s screen so just make it do the animation but don’t move it forward, backward or to a side.


Wow this is really helpful. Thanks for letting us know!

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Good stuff man.

This is off topic but am I the only one that just sees ads for every video?

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Yeah it’s because I’m using streamable to put the videos but I’m changing it ASAP. Probably later or tomorrow.