Jolluminati - Builder Portfolio (Comissions open! + More photos !)


About Me

Hey! My name is Jolluminati, and I’ve been building on ROBLOX for 6 years. You might know me from my “Castle Tides” map in Flood Escape 2 !


You can view a map here:

Here are some screenshots of my work:


Currently available, commissions are open! I usually can work 6-8 hours every weekend.


Prices are negotiable, I usually work per map. My preferred payment method is paypal.


You can contact me on twitter or in the dev forums. My discord is Jolluminati#7039



Impressive stuff, really love your castle tides map in FE2!

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thanks !


Jollu u are hired dm me on discord Lebyy_Dev#9380


Your building(s) look nice!

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thank you !


That’s not really how hiring works… but alright? :thinking:


Updated with open comissions !


Updated with some more examples !


Really impressive work, it looks amazing.

If your looking to improve your portfolio however try keeping your showcase in a folder. It just keeps it more condensed so people can find directly to show possibly what they are trying to get.

But apart from that really good work!

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