Json of the whole roblox api

I’ve been looking around for a huge paste of the Roblox Api formatted to Json there was an older one but its outdated ( http://anaminus.github.io/rbx/json/api/latest.json ) I don’t believe it gets updated anymore and I’m not sure where to look for an up-to-date version.

Try looking at https://api.roblox.com/docs

it’s not a full dump of the whole api unlike http://anaminus.github.io/rbx/json/api/latest.json not exactly what im looking for

I found an api reference (Roblox API Reference)

Here’s something I made specifically for this: API Service

There are also other things there that you may find helpful.

That’s just all objects and their functions in Roblox Studio I think

First get the studio version:
Then put the studio version in this url:


Currect as of 7/5/2022 url


Classes(In case classes is what you meant)