Just did a texture test run, what do you guys htink

I made this crate to put in a Roblox game, and did a texture test run, any feedback?
Is this a good Roblox texture and should I make the texture open-source?


I’m not a texture artist so take this with a large grain of salt.
Firstly, I can’t tell what the material is supposed to be. It looks like plastic with the shading of stucco and the flaking of paint. Is it metal? If so, maybe try to fade the shading out from the bottom to the top, make the flaked parts more silver (or rusted), and make it a bit shinier.
Secondly, the lid looks very shiny, which is very confusing with the shading, so perhaps tune that down a bit (or try a different shading technique). The lid also looks very vibrant, especially compared to the bottom part (I think you know what to do there).
Overall, it’s a better model than what I could do, and the handles and mesh sidings are done very well (texturing included), however texture quality leaves a little to be desired, but taking from the style, I don’t think players are going to notice (or care). (I’m guessing the world is reasonably dark/grimy). There are improvements that can be made, but really, if all other assets are of the same quality, it shouldn’t matter how good or bad something looks (I think a lot of devs overlook this).
I hope I didn’t come off as overly critical, if so, sorry, and can’t wait to see more of this game!

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This looks very good! I like the detail! The colors are a bit weird together, but it’s still good. Nice job on it!


I made the bump a bit high to sell the broken and bent effect like tin foil, that’s why the lights are weird, but your right, imma change it.

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It is supposed to look like a broken metal box/crate thing, I will post an update and change a model, look at that, and see if I’ve done better.

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Trying to do the PubG AirDrop lolol.

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Wow that looks very good. But the mix with violet and light red does not match at all! And the texture doesn’t seem that high quality as well.

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I did not use a image texture, I used a shader for that, a pure shader, my texture file is two blank colors one violet, and one light red, my other post: I did an update and changed the texture on my last texture test run, did I do better?

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I also pm’ed you to not make 2 posts of the same thing. Delete that post and post the updated version here. Or it will be considered as spam. And alright.

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The reason you think the texture is not high is because the lightings are weird, the texture is 4k lol.

Oh ok, thanks. I’ll do that on my future posts.

Then why not fix the lighting a bit? But anyways like I said its good but needs a little more to it like lighting and the violet and light red colors don’t look that appealing for me. But good job if you keep this stuff up you will be famous.

K, I did it already and post another for the update.

As far as I know, another Developer has already pointed this, but the colours on the box looks jarring together. You might want to use more matching colours together to create the texture!

Thanks, I’ve already posted another post about an updated texture, check it out, did I do better there?