Keeping a characters head focused on an object

I want to have a characters head always be oriented towards a specific object, regardless of the characters position. My first thought was to CFrame it, which would be pretty easy, but I quickly found out that CFraming it would just break the character. From the research I have done, I have found out that I need to change the Character.Head.Neck.C0/C1 value. This makes sense. I just cant come up with the math to do it. Any guidance or assistance is much appreciated. Thanks!

Head is like turret, so turret

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This is a start, but would this work on a moving character? I think this would break the character, no?

Yep it should work on a moving character you can see it in the mech gif there, it does Motor6D/Weld or actually a Joint Instance which is anything with a C0 and C1 math while utilizing the main important CFrame component which is CFrame.lookAt() to do the job A lot of other complicated stuff like CFrame inversing included as well.

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