Knowing If Admins Viewed Our Bugs Reports/Feature Requests

For a lot of popular feature requests (ex: Requiring an email for password reset emails), we never know if an admin has seen/reviewed the bug report or feature request. Can this get changed? I originally sent the idea to @JParty before we moved from Kunena to Discourse, but that went no where.
I don’t know if plugins exist for this, but probably exists somewhere, however, a simple like or reply would be helpful just to acknowledge it was seen.


Yes! Any sort of notification would be wonderful!

I’m not sure if this would really be useful.

I can assure you that people are always reading the forums. You don’t have to worry about your bug report going unseen. All this feature would do is let you know if your post was seen now, or 25 minutes from now. The only posts that maybe won’t get read are lounge posts.

Edit: I give up trying to reply to the right person. Meant to reply to @TheNexusAvenger

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We used to get conf tags back when we had old RBX Dev. “We are currently reviewing your idea/feature idea -StaffNameHere” or another comment why/why not or etc etc suppose they can’t do that now

“suppose they can’t do that now”

Silent137 has been doing an amazing job at making sure Studio feature requests get added to the Trello board, and spotco has started up the Client portion of it again, so I imagine we’ll start seeing similar responses for client feature requests too.


I always wondered what the heck all those trello links were for. Now it makes sense

We (the Studio team) review all of the feature requests made for Studio. They go through an internal review process (This can take some time, usually around a week or so) and if the idea passes, we put it on the Trello board and link to it on the original request.

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You guys definitely do a good job for the studio team, however this doesn’t really carry over to the web team, which is what this thread was more directed to.

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